The love of vick doesn’t come out of his playing days


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The love of vick doesn’t come out of his playing days, it comes from Madden 2004 lol. He was widely considered the Madden NFL participant in any Madden and also an urban legend. People used to break controllers, discs, hell since it was near impossible to stop him their playstation’s. Granted I was like 11 when that game came out so I never played online (I believe online play began at Madden 04) but even at college, there had only been a QB like Vick in a Madden game before.

He’s in damn near every play he’s a monster when healthy although clowney is among the disrupters at the league he might not get the sacks. He’s also double teamed down leading to lower amounts. Numbers are not everything in football, he opens up the rest of the pass to generate something happen when he’s drawing a handle and a shield each play.And the fact he demands a double team every play literally makes him worth two of most anyone else.For actual, I hate when people just look at sacks for pass rushers because it doesn’t account for variables like how frequently they get double teamed or if somebody else on the line gets clicked and etc..

He didnt play from him, he lined up together with him across, behind him stunt blitz beside him dropped back into coverage, everythhing. Watt is partially successful in part in houston they had because of the killer. Mercilus, clowney, watt, their NT I cant recall his name atm…. But he was. Also, clowney has been the difference in seattle being dreadful and seattle sneaking into the playoffs at which (now) 2/3 other groups have a superbowl appearance in the last decade (rams and 9ers).

Those were just some examples that came to my thoughts. My purpose was that stats don’t tell the whole story and can not be utilized as the sole method to measure how great a Madden NFL player is.That’s accurate, however they have other stats to try to demonstrate how good that Madden NFL participant is other than simply sacks. Idk what his stats seem for this but playing across from the defensive Madden NFL player of the year, you’d think he’d only fear on double teams.Bo Jackson is one which always gets me. I get there’s a big what if variable for his career and also the tecmo bowl dominance but the guy has significantly less career rushing yards than CMC. I am fairly certain if CMC needed to retire tomorrow he wouldn’t be getting a card at MUT every year.

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