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Some customer orders are annoying to perform. The everyday ones especially. Most of them ask you to kill enemy that is x but all you know is which area that enemy is located in. Since the wiki does not tell you exactly where they spawn which means you’ve got to run around for ages at a shitty map trying to find the mob you are supposed to kill. Like the mobs are even remotely difficult to kill so it simply turns into a chore, it’s nothing. The story is absolutely terrible but it just consists of cutscenes today and I really don’t think that it’s necessary to clear to advancement (looking at you FFXIV).

Needing to pay for ability tree resets sucks. I know someone will answer to this with”just wait for a free reset lol” but no I am not going to wait around for SEGA to launch a balance patch only so I can reset my skill tree, that is fucking stupid. When that is going to happen, I really don’t know. As a newcomer you go up look assembles for your course ASAP before you fuck up your skill tree. Mags are stupid too since they are only stat-sticks which are supposed as you can not reset the stats of your Mag to boost cash shop revenue.

There’s a gacha match on mobile you could play to acquire EXP on your primary character. Most people just use the game because you may use your google account to cover which is a lot simpler than doing it in your 32, to pay for the cash store computer. The mobile game is absolute garbage. That is subjective so I will ignore this although I really don’t believe the combat is interesting. I guess the clunkiness of the UI ruined it for me personally although I know a good deal of people like the combat. In addition, the fact that mobs die in a couple of hits.

If you only wish to do tons of content PSO2 are a good fit for you. So you can see numbers get larger, it has convoluted equipment and degree progression systems to spend hours watching guides for only. It’s an interface that is awful when everything dies 15, however that doesn’t matter. I guess you can do Masquerade thickness 999 which seems like one of the few bosses that are endgame which can kill you in 1 29, if you prefer hardcore articles.

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