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Most people wouldn?t attempt anything. We wanted it to be a turn-based fighting Dofus match, PvP only. We were motivated by Final Fantasy Tactics, and wanted to construct an identical online Dofus game where Dofus players would be facing real Dofus players, with a enormous ranking ladder.
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It was a straightforward job, which we worked on at night and during the weekend. We wanted to have fun, and were not really worried about commercial aspects. We thought such as moving round a city instead of chatting in a room. We thought about incorporating pets so that they could be fought on summoning AI working. We realized we really were making an MMO, we were lacking the professions and an experience system. Since a neighborhood had gathered around Dofus and those guys were reassuring, we thought of making Dofus to a MMO.

In all honesty, if we had thought of making an MMO in the first area, I believe we’d have dropped it. It is probably because we had a slow evolution and kept adding new goals to the job that we succeeded. Later on we began developing Dofus-Arena which is PvP. It’s now much more sophisticated than the first variant of Dofus but has kept the initial thought of a PVP based tactical Dofus game.Did anyone on the team have previous experience running servers and such, or did that need to be discovered on the go? We were a web service, no one needed expertise in movie Dofus games development. We had good developers and gifted graphic artists, but nobody needed Dofus game production experience, and of course MMO development experience!

Learning was a gradual process, mistakes were made by us, we needed to go back and start again sometimes. But we had been driven by our interest in releasing a Dofus game which would be enjoyable, and which we wanted to perform with. There wasn’t any publisher or producer and we can spend working or reworking some pieces of Dofus. We were producing a Dofus match for ourselves and for the people speaking with us on the forums, so we were not counting hoursand gradually learning.

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