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If you haven’t heard of the particular Jmod do not worry. Jason came on board throughout 2018 and is formally a Product Developer at Jagex. He has focused largely on getting RuneScape at a state. That’s no mean feat and he has plenty of experience in the areas to make that happen. He definitely appears to understand what he’s doing, Having a career than includes an on the go Hunger Games, and Disney Interactive, Lord of the games that are mobile. More importantly combine as while we find out if we know what we’re doing with Jason in our chat.

Hi Jason. Thanks for speaking to us. You are relatively new to Jagex? I have been for 2 weeks and one year now with Jagex and it has been a very interesting experience. From what I know, you are one of the driving forces behind cellular? Yeah and I had been hired on initially to essentially drive the products that were mobile . What I’m doing today is that my type of remit has broadened a bit since that time. But now it’s laser focusing on RuneScape cellphone and ensuring we get the best potential out of that particular product.

So one of the things that kind of strikes me about RuneScape, is that the systems and platforms that electricity that experience are diverse. A number of them might have existed since before the game launched and you are trying to use all of this new stuff. What type of challenges have you encountered doing that all and sorting everything out? We’re not the only company that’s faced with these challenges? Day-to-day obviously, the optimizations for that which we can do are sometimes actually hindered by this tech, but.

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