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Having it was a item. Oh, it was a great call. Because usually it’s possibly half an hour. And also to have actually spend some time put people in the spotlights, and meet with content creators, and to talk with each other. It was only the best call in my opinion. And spend the time for it, not just do it. Of the most important things about this day is the community of it. It is the most important thing about RuneFest, too. And that’s exactly what makes this night so wonderful.

You are also about helping encourage different artists, and having a little bit of a pleasure, although you are not simply about being an artist. Along with two other artists, earlier this year we decided to begin with this 1 Discord server which was meant for the two RuneScape 3 and Old School artists, because we have discovered that there was kind of a disconnect between the two communities. Also in terms of art appreciation. And we believed it would just be really wonderful to promote working together, and inviting each other’s art, despite the fact that you’re making artwork for one gang or another. An old school artist might not be that interested in RuneScape 3 articles, but that does not mean that they could encourage their arts.

And the game is still the game in arts. It is just important to combine these communities, because we were sort of a community that is smaller. We don’t have as big of a following as a number of the streamers out there, and we don’t have anything or a massive effect. However, as soon as we band together, we’re actually big community. Because we can inspire each other and that’s simply wonderful. And I looked at a new level of artwork. So that’s why Player Gallery over there’s so important to us, that we could actually show something here and receive an opportunity to share this with more people.

All the way down one of the corridors, the corridor for RuneFest, it is fully lined with art from Old School and RuneScape 3 players. Does this feel somewhat weird, watching up your artwork like that? It’s, actually. But it makes us proud. And pictures are sent by us to the people that could not be here today. They are so proud, too, that their art is being seen, displayed over here as focal artwork, and enjoy an art show. And that’s just the coolest thing.

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