Animal Crossing: New Horizons Does Not Have A Gender Slider


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All hairstyles, clothing, and makeup are usable, regardless of whether the participant selects a feminine or masculine style for their character. The game has a secret gender slider. One of the staff of TheGamer found a glitch when the area was entered by changing their appearance. The glitch revealed the character using a shadow across their chest to represent a bra and eliminated the tank top that was standard when shirts are eliminated, that the personality wears.

We’re unsure whether this bra-like shadow looks on figures where the manly”style” has been chosen, but given the background Animal Crossing has gender, it is unlikely. In previous Animal Crossing matches, the player had to confirm their sex. It couldn’t alter Following a sex was chosen, and their personality was limited to boy- or girl-gendered clothing and features.

In an interview with the Washington Post, the game’s manufacturer, Aya Kyogoku, stated the decision to remove gender restrictions from Animal Crossing was to”create a game where users didn’t really have to consider gender, or if they wanted to think about gender, they’re also able to.”

That’s why, at the beginning of the match, the player is asked to”choose a fashion,” but they could change their mind later and make their character appear as gendered or androgynous as they desire. However, there are noticeable differences between the Western variant and Japanese release.The Western release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be celebrated for its innovative spin on gender as well as the LGBTQ+ community, however the Japanese release has been criticized for its contrary.

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